The Colorado Government Finance Officers Association recognizes its members each year by offering two types of awards. The Awards Committee is now seeking applications for the awards. Both awards offered by CGFOA help further the purpose of the organization by improving the practice of government finance and sharing of information. Please consider nominating individuals you see making significant accomplishments in government finance or programs that have improved the practice of government finance. It is important to recognize those that provide guidance to their fellow officers and promote high quality governmental service.

CGFOA recognizes an individual each year as the Finance Professional of the Year. This award is made to a Finance Professional who through their actions has made outstanding contributions that further the goals of CGFOA. The general criteria for the award is as follows: 1. Extensive involvement in furthering the role of the finance professional in their own organization, 2. Significant accomplishments in their role as a finance professional for their own organization including significant efforts, project reports, policies and procedures, automated systems or technology, 3. Extensive involvement or leadership in the CGFOA, 4. Involvement or leadership at a national level through GFOA, GASB, or AICPA, 5. Significant efforts related to state legislative matters, implementing new state constitutional or statutory requirements, or lobbying efforts consistent with the goals of the CGFOA when appropriate.

CGFOA also recognizes the achievements of its members for significant contributions. The Significant Contribution Award is intended to recognize projects or programs that are original and represent a significant contribution to the field of government finance. These are projects or programs that would benefit other organizations if implemented. If your organization has developed a project or program that you feel qualifies as a significant contribution in the field of government finance please submit a copy of the program along with the application form for consideration. The categories eligible for awards are: 1: Budget and Financial Planning, 2: Capital Financing and Debt Administration, 3: Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting, 4: Cash Management and Investments, 5: Pensions and Benefits, 6: Financial Management, 7: Application of New Technologies.